Defend: Build giant defensive towers that can repel an attack. Learn which defenses work against specific enemies.
Attack: Deploy and upgrade elite tactical squads that move freely and take down critical enemy strongholds.
Collect: Harvest the element Nitrus and covert it to powerful weapons and upgrades for your elite Raiden units.

It is the year 2513. Humanity has been besieged by an alien menace known as the Magmites. They arrived en masse 500 years ago to harvest that which gives them life and that which keeps our planet alive; magma.

Having a natural weakness to the cold, the Magmite invasion was halted when humanity retreated to the Artic zones and launched a counter resistance war. We began the construction of a giant Ice Wall to protect our cities. There we discovered the element Nitrus, a rare but naturally occurring compound of Nitro Carbon. It proved effective as deterrent to the menace. We weaponized Nitrus and armed it in giant mechanical tanks, known now as Raidens. The Raiden program forms the best and last hope we have against the Magmite menace.

But now a new threat has emerged, the Magmites have unleashed their own droid army – known as the Gaika – to fight humanity in the Artic zone.

Earth’s hopes now rest on an elite Raiden army that must push back the Gaika attack and take the battle to the Magmites who have claimed most of the planet as their own.

The end begins now.



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