Three new pulse pounding game play modes added:
200 BPM – YOLO

If super hexagon married a beat matching game, this would be their baby!

Born out of an internal game jam, You Got Beat is a musical beat matching experience that will push your reflexes to the limit by combining an elegantly simple beat matching mechanic with a fiendishly escalating difficulty.

Stay on beat and keep your streak alive to unlock new difficulty levels, whilst collecting gems. Use the gems to discover new albums containing tracks from a variety of genres. You will feel like the DJ at your very own epic party.

At 90 BPM you are grooving, at 130 BPM your heart starts racing and at 170 BPM your brain starts working faster! This is not scientific fact, but it’s certainly what it feels like. We are excited to see what happens when we add even faster speeds.

You Got Beat is free to play. There are no gem packs or gimmicks, it’s straight forward – either go on long perfect streaks to earn gems (streaks over 100 perfects start unlocking loads of gems) or watch a video ad to get 20 gems. Use 100 gems to unlock a new beat.
There are 6 modes (including an Endless version) with over an hour of original music to uncover.

You Got Beat is free to play and will be available on iTunes on July 9th first with Google Play coming soon.