Internship Diary: Gimhani Galagedara


Gimhani comes to us from the Academy Of Design and will be commencing her third and final year of a Graphics Design degree.

Why did you choose DPG to do your internship?

I’ve always been interested in animation, fascinated by everything from characters to scenery. As an aspiring artist and illustrator, I always want to learn new skills and improve on my own. So when it came to deciding on where I’d like to do my internship, I knew I wanted to work at Dawn Patrol. I’ve been here a month now, and so far it’s been great!

What has the experience been like?

Everyone here is ever ready to help me and give me advice. Working with the Art department, I’m learning about things that are totally new to me such as 3D software, digital arts and techniques as well as improving my illustrating skills and eye for detail. After two weeks of trying to perfect all the drawing basics, and getting the hang of using a tablet, I’m now learning 3D modeling with 3DS Max as well as working with different rendering softwares. Since this is new to me I’ve been constantly asking questions and for help from the artists, who very patiently explain, and sometimes re-explain while giving me tips and ideas. Thanks to them, I’m picking up on 3D faster than I expected. I also never realized just how cool and convenient it is to work with two monitors instead of one. I’m also getting first- hand experience on how a game is developed. I’ve learned much by listening to their discussions on storylines, concept and characters, and sitting in at meetings. Some of the things that really stand out for me are the amount of thinking behind every element in production, their dedication and efficiency when it comes to perfecting things right down to the very last detail. In the end, I’m not just learning new skills, but about work ethic as well.

What are your future plans? Do you see yourself working in games or somewhere else?

Ideally, since I have always been into animation, I would like to be a cartoonist and animator in the industry.


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