Enemies: Birth of the RHEIDEN

After many iterations of the enemy units, the concept of sentient alien robots coming to steal Earth’s resources felt too cliche. We envisioned they were stealing Earth’s magma and that would pave way for us to terraform the surface of our environments from earthly to lava zones as the player progressed — but it still begged the question, why do robots want magma?

After much iteration we decided to take a new approach. Keeping in line with the game’s underlying story (humans vs an enemy that want to turn Earth into a molten rock) we wanted the enemies to feel like they were of the earth (rock and magma specifically) making them the first indigenous inhabitants of the planet (in it’s early molten form). As the planet naturally cooled they went into dormant sleep. And then as humanity evolved and gradually messed the planet up and heated it up again, these creatures woke up, and guess what? They want their planet back.

That paved the way for THE RHEIDEN.

A rheid /ˈriːɪd/ is a non-molten solid that deforms by viscous flow at least a thousand times faster than it would deform elastically under the same applied stress.

Almost any type of rock can behave as a rheid under appropriate conditions of temperature and pressure.

In non scientific terms we interpreted it as an object with a rock surface but evolving through internal liquid transformation. We liked the idea of these creatures having rock skin on the outside with a molten liquid within powering them — like blood.


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